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XIII All-Russian Forum
«Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia»

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Greeting of the Governor of St Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko


     Dear Friends!


          I am glad to welcome the participants and guests of the XIII All-Russian Forum «Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia» in Saint Petersburg! 

 Special emphasis is currently laid on strategic planning questions in all regions of Russia. The main theme of your business conference- "revisioning strategies, renewing meanings" – meets perfectly today’s requirements and challenges. 

     There is a definite pattern that our city becomes the venue of such a large event on a national scale year by year. The progressive development of the economy of St. Petersburg, consistent and steady implementation of all social obligations rely largely on efficient multi-level system of state planning. The strategy for economic and social development of St. Petersburg until 2030 has been developed and functions in our city. The Strategy aims to improve of the population quality of life in St. Petersburg and to create a comfortable urban environment.

     I am confident that the creative atmosphere of the forum and its "live" discussions will help to revise existing policies, to increase competitiveness of the domestic economy and to improve the welfare of citizens of the Russian Federation. 

      I wish you all successful and fruitful work!


      Governor of Saint Petersburg           Georgy Poltavchenko


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28.03.2015 : Определена главная тема Форума 2015

На рабочем совещании организаторов Форума в Министерстве экономического развития РФ 17 марта была определена главная тема XIV Общероссийского форума стратегического планирования в регионах и городах России – «Пространство выбора и выбор пространства». Форум состоится в Петербурге 19-20 октября 2015 года